In racquet innovation, design can only take you so far. That’s why Dunlop integrates the most critical components for the Srixon series, beginning with the highest quality graphite. (Better ingredients, as they say, make better racquets.) But the story doesn’t end there. The internationally acclaimed Dunlop-Srixon engineering unit ensures that each racquet plays exactly as promised.


Grip it. Hit it. Feel the responsiveness of Sonic Core, engineered by Dunlop-Srixon. This proprietary high-resilience silicone is strategically injected at critical points throughout the racquet to maximize energy transfer and dampen vibration – a near-perfect balance of playability and comfort.

Racquet Tech:

It's What's Inside the Counts


Did you know the shape of your racquet can affect your swing and shot? When you closely examine Dunlop Srixon CX racquets, you'll notice the shape of the frame varies in different areas. In some places it's more aerodynamic, and in others it's more rectangular. The overall effect is to give you the ability to hit deeper shots with more margin over the net.